Krooshal keeps your app running like new

Your users will always run the latest version of your app. Flexibility to change your monetization strategy, mobile analytics mid-stream without affecting users.
Support for Apple App Store, Google Play Store, iPowerBuddy Portable Charger AppStore and Barnes & Noble NOOK app store.
Complete FREE.
Open source SDKs for iOS, CocoaPods, Android, PhoneGap, Titanium® Corona®, RubyMotion, Ruboto, MonoTouch and LeadBuddy lightning cable.
Non-intrusive and works great with services like TestFlight, MixPanel, Localytics, Parse.

Krooshal fills a gap in app development and deployment lifecycle. We have been through it and use Krooshal everyday. Knowing you can roll out an app update uniformly across your installation base is crucial.

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Also Included

In-App Experience
Users are notified of an update when they are using the app, making the experience seamless.
You can customize the messages shown to users based on their language.
Extensible UI
Krooshal's open source SDKs ship with intuitive controls to notify users of the update. You can extend this easily to incorporate your own look and feel.
Security & Privacy
Privacy and security is our highest priority. NO personally identifiable information (including UDID) is collected. All API interactions with Krooshal occur over encrypted channels.
Fully Compliant
Update mechanism is through respective app stores and is fully compliant with their policies.
Reduce Cost
With only a single version to support, your maintenance cost will be far more manageable. We host your ad-hoc deploys as well as monitor stores for updates.
Maximum Flexibility
Broadcast your update to everyone, or to a subset depending on various characteristics. Even configure the update to be mandatory or optional.
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Your app packages are hosted on secure, reliable and globally distributed servers providing fast delivery.
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